About Us

"To make electronics shopping, a fulfilling experience" - a thought that was the foundation of our humble beginning, way back in 1980. We, at Electronics Mart India (EMI), sought to uncomplicate the life of our customers by bringing the latest electronic gadgets at the lowest prices.

Today, with 14 Lakhs+ square feet of retail space, a strong workforce of 2632 employees, 167 stores, and over 4 decades of legacy - it wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that Electronics Mart India (EMI) is truly iconic.

We are the 4th largest consumer durable and electronics retailer in India and as of Financial Year 2020, we are the largest player in the Southern region in revenue terms with dominance in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (Source: CRISIL Report).

Currently, we are South India’s largest and most reliable electronics retailer. Bajaj Electronics – a brand owned by EMI, is a household name when it comes to purchasing electronics.

Garnering great customer reviews, competitive prices, convenient finance options, and impeccable customer service defines us.

Our U.S.P’s


To achieve milestone of happy customers with every purchase.
To fulfill every customers’ requirements with the best range of home appliances from world - renowned brands


To provide best technology for every household in the country and deliver wide range of durable products at affordable prices


Quality First :
Everyone has aspirations of having a home with luxury electronic brands and have a comfortable home. Our aim is to serve our customers with top-notch quality brands yet maintain the customer and pocket-friendly prices. Quality is a need in itself and we have proven to cater to our customers’ satisfaction and continue to do so.

Stay Updated About Electronics Trends :
A new day is a new introduction to a new trend. We, as a team, work towards learning about the electronic trends in and around the globe to provide our audience with worldly home appliances and gadgets in time. The need to stay updated applies to us, because our main priority is our customers’ necessities.

Loyalty is a Priority :
We as a team, promise to put forward the top and the most reliable products and service to our customers. We wish to keep the consistency of bringing a smile on each of our customer's faces with our successful attempts at being trustworthy.

Best Service :
We aspire to build a bond with our customers. To be at our audiences’ service any minute of the day and guide them with any help regarding technology and electrical appliances is our number one priority.

Major events and milestones of our Company

1980 – Opened first retail store at Lakdikapool

2014 – Crossed INR 5000 million in net sales

2016 – Crossed INR 10,000 million in net sales

2017 – Forayed into ecommerce space through our website www.bajajelectronics.com

2018 –

2019 – Expanded our operations beyond our brick and mortar stores situated at Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by commencing our business operations on E-commerce platform in association with Amazon and PayTm

2020 – Crossed INR 30,000 million in net sales

2021 – Number of operational stores reached to 99 stores comprising 88 multi brand outlets and 11 exclusive brand outlets

2022 – Number of operational stores reached to 105 stores comprising 93 multi brand outlets and 12 exclusive brand outlets

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