We take immense pride in our role as the national distributors for the distinguished Scotland -based brand, Gallo Acoustics. Renowned worldwide, Gallo Acoustics is celebrated for its groundbreaking spherical loudspeakers, poised to revolutionize the way you perceive sound. These cutting-edge speakers envelop you in a world of audio like never before, delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience. Gallo Acoustics stands synonymous with top-tier audio-visual solutions, enhancing the way we relish entertainment both within the comfort of our homes and in vibrant commercial settings.

Our strategic alliance with Gallo Acoustics heralds a new era of audio excellence within the Indian market. We are elated to present these extraordinary products through our extensive network of high-end dealers, extending across the entire expanse of India. At Electronics Mart India Limited, our unwavering commitment is to elevate your entertainment journey and provide you with access to the finest in consumer electronics.

For any business/distribution inquiries, please reach out to Aarun Manssukhani.
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