iQ, the Apple Store brought to you by Bajaj Electronics, your trusted retail brand for over 4 decades. With 121 Stores across Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, we have been delivering assurance in the form of all things electronics. Today, we host an online shopping portal,, by bringing the world-class electronic shopping experience closer homes.

Now, we are delighted to present to you, our new milestone, iQ. An exclusive Apple Store in the city to place "Simplicity" and “Innovation” in your pocket.

Apple Products are known for their ingenuity and futuristic streak the world over. Apple Inc., the company to have changed the face and functionality of how people used personal technology and applied to their businesses. Leaving a firm digital footprint in Information Technology and transforming lives for better.

A Premium Reseller, iQ Apple Store has been set up to provide you with a mini-world of this very brand that enjoys the “most valuable” status repeatedly, along with a high level of customer loyalty across the globe.

Find out all the latest offerings and everything that Apple has in store for you, at iQ! If you are an avid Apple user who always looks forward to the “next” in its laboratory, we say join the bandwagon to - Touch the Future!





Apple Watch



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